Kjarafélag Viðskiptafræðinga og Hagfræðinga (KVH) is a union of Economists and Business Academics. The union makes collective agreements on behalf of its members and advances its members´ rights and interests in respect to wages, benefits, and working conditions. This means, among other things, to negotiate collective agreements with the Minister of Finance, the City of Reykjavik, the Icelandic Association of Local Authorities (municipalities) and SA-Confederation of Icelandic Employers, as well as other counterparties.

KVH is a part of Bandalag Háskólamanna (BHM), which is a coalition of 27 trade unions with related interests. One of many objectives BHM is to improve the rights of academics in general in the labor market.

Many issues that are important to KVH members, other than ones focusing specifically on wages, are found in collective agreements, laws and regulations. For example the right to sick-leave, vacation days, rights pertaining to vocational and education, safety and health at work, insurance and maternity leave. KVH members can also apply for various funds.

Private sector

Rights and benefits of KVH members in the private sector comply with the collective agreement between BHM/KVH and SA. The agreement is indefinite and focuses on rights, such as working hours, holidays, sick-leave, notice period etc., but not wages. KVH members in the private sector bargain themselves with their employer in the employment agreement on their wages. Although in the collective agreement there are provisions about December benefits and summer holiday benefits, which states that they should be consistent with the central collective agreement in the private sector.

Public sector

Rights, benefits and wages of KVH members in the public sector comply with the collective agreement between BHM/KVH and the state, Reykjavik city or municipalities. The agreement focuses on wages and rights. KVH members in the public sector receive a base salary according to the collective agreement´s pay table.

How can KVH assist you?

You can find information on your contractual rights

You can get assistance with your individual contract with your employer

You can get assistance in disputes

You can apply for a grant for further education

When your new baby arrives you can apply for a grant

You can apply for various smaller health related grants

You can apply for holiday cabins and apartments

KVH´s objectives include:

Promoting the interests of KVH members

Providing and maintaining services to its members

To maintain and improve KVH members conditions of employment

How do i join?

Here you can fill out and send an application form.

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